Patience and anger

change of aim

Patience is the mother of will.

G.I. Gurdjieff

Often the things we want are so large that our will is not enough. It is necessary to acquire the will of others to accomplish the goal. The willpower of an average person is so meager, it takes many people to do what one person who has strengthened their will can do.

In order to exercise will, one needs an extraordinary amount of energy at hand to overcome the obstacles, that one is likely to face. Patience is a skill that helps one save precious energy, while expressing anger is an act that wastes energy.

As one becomes skilled in patience and does not display anger, slowly, they gain control over resources and opportunities available to themselves. Once one has acquired a measure of patience they will find that they have acquired a measure of will power.

The act of creating patience could be called intentional suffering, martyrdom, or sacrifice. The refusal to express anger and frustration, causes this internal suffering. As one does this it becomes easier to do and as it becomes easier to do one is able to cope with larger things, that in the past would have been impossible. Over time one’s patience becomes like a vast reservoir one can draw on as needed.

This vast reservoir of patience is the source of a great amount of the energy used to fulfill one’s will. It is a way of banking willpower.

The energy one saves by not expressing anger, is needed to overcome identifications and considerations that eventually arise as one tries to execute their will. Whatever it is that blocks the path of your Aim will require energy to overcome. If that energy is lost in a moment of anger one may have no chance of ever attaining their goal. Often an expression of anger blocks the path of advancement. Anger, acted upon, destroys relationships that would have yet been fruitful still. At which point one finds themselves with not enough energy to circumvent the obstacle just created.

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