4 of Clubs – Crater

The sun begins its journey through Leo, from July 23rd through August 3rd, in the constellation Crater. From the classical ages on-ward the Crater is most often depicted as the cup of one God or another and even the holy grail. Prior to that the Greeks and their forerunners perceived Crater to be a funerary urn. A pot of hot coals and ash that signified a death and loss often correlated with trials by fire. As the sun moves through the Crater it enters the hottest time of the year and equally one of the darkest portions of the sky. Here in the Crater even the great ship Argo may be lost in the deepest depths of the night.

If this card is in your spread, be prepared for the approach of events that will involve your legacy or the legacy of someone else. Taking ruler ship of your inner self will be the most critical action you take.