The Enneagram Deck

Animation w/Enneagram
Animation w/Enneagram

The art of the Enneagram Deck is a meditation on the occult functioning of the enneagram, as described by Ouspensky about the talks of George Gurdjieff. The cards when set in a series make up an animation of an enneagram over the period of a year. The time of year is noted by the astrological signatures in the top right corner.

The Living Symbol

The Enneagram learn to break down the enneagram into its basic parts. Describe what they are supposed to do and how they interact with each other.

Constructing the Enneagram we are going to place a chain of events into an enneagram structure.

The Art

The Art goes over the meanings of the shapes and colors that I have used.

The Gallery

In the event someone may want to take the time to study the images. Below I have broken the animation down into suits. Each suit corresponds with the element of the zodiac on the card.

Clubs Fire

Spades Earth

Diamonds Air

Hearts Water