If you have found this card in your spread this is a suggestion for you to embrace idealism, to advance you character with wisdom. Be aware that the spread may refer to a lawsuit or divorce.
If this card is in your spread you may find yourself bound to something or someone for the sake of money. An inner desire to make amends or reparation for some inner guilt may be the driving factor in this “marriage” for money.
If this card is in your spread, make sure you do some research before you begin a new endeavor. Most likely it will be a marriage for love. Don’t let “marriage,” fool you this could be a lifelong commitment of any sort. Be it sports, your partner, or studies this card is about that lifelong commitment to that object of your desires.
If you find this card in your spread, you may be in for good news in an evangelistic or a propaganda sort of way. There may be news of a business partnership or a position traveling and speaking.